Mousehunt: Birthday Dance Party 2014

Mousehunt 6th Birthday Celebration Mousehunt 6th birthday is finally here and this year birthday theme is dancing. All the mice are donning their dancing and party suits. This year there is a new forgotten trap, the Forgotten Art of Dance. This trap(5000 Forgotten power is stronger than the Ancient Box Trap. The trap is currently... Continue Reading →


Mousehunt: M400 Mouse and Research

Hi all, I've moved to Mousehunt M400 Mouse           A Frankenstein mouse that the Digby scientists created to spy on other mice... What can possibly go wrong? Of course, the scientists balls up everything and the M400 mouse escaped to join his like-minded compatriots. When I first heard of this... Continue Reading →

DungeonLand Review

DUNGEONLAND REVIEW When I first launched this game, the thing that strikes me the most was the graphics. Clear pictures and vivid colours, it seem like a product from Blizzard or something. Game play mainly(if not all) hack and slash, cutting and hacking down enemies and spawners. To be honest, it can get really mundane... Continue Reading →

Team Fortress 2- Pyro Guide

  TEAM FORTRESS 2- PYRO GUIDE One of the easiest class to play with especially when you are new to TF2. This fire loving maniac is a great starter class and requires nearly no skill to play with, you really just have to hold left mouse and run towards the enemy and trust me, no... Continue Reading →

Team Fortress 2: February Updates

All TF2 updates on February: TF2 STORE Added the Strongbox Key to the Mann Co. Store Added 43 community-contributed items to the Strongbox Crate WEAPONS The Shortstop  Reduced extra knockback penalty from 80% to 40% The Short Circuit  Added Penalty - No longer gain metal from dispensers when active The Cleaner's Carbine Changed OnKill effect... Continue Reading →

Mousehunt: Carl’s Cozy Cruise Ending Soon

Mousehunt's 3 in 1 celebration event will end on 18 February so spam your hunts there if you are stocking up on the Cruise Buxs. Recommend  that you buy the token crates for the Furoma if you are going for a Furoma run(80 Cruise Buxs per crate). Happy Hunting! Check out Mousehunt's FB page here

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