Mousehunt: Rifts Expansion

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Rifts are opening up in the land of Rodentia! Hints of this cool new addition was revealed towards the end of the Mousehunt’s Birthday event where Inert Rift wood was dropped by the Mousille Mouse. This new expansion however is only available to Counts and up and require Mousehunters to collect the three clues during the Birthday event. However, the good thing is that despite the fact that the event had ended, Hunters can still hunt in the Vacant Lot to track down the 3 clues which are required to purchase the Rift Detector that later open a new location in the Map!

Cheeses that are needed to hunt in the new location are Marble String Cheese, Swiss String Cheese, Brie String Cheese and the Magical String Cheese which can be bought at the Cheese Shoppe. The price of the cheeses are quite expensive(1,600 gold per piece for the Brie String Cheese) compared to cheese sold elsewhere. With the new Rift Expansion, a new trap type is also introduced- Rift type. There is currently only one Rift trap selling in the Trap Shoppe- Crystal Tower(900 Power and 4,900,000 Gold). This trap requires 1 Raw Rift Crystal. Rift type traps are the only traps that are effective against the mice here. While hunting with the String Cheese, Riftagio Potions are dropped as loot to brew Riftagio Cheese to attract more stronger mice. So head down there to explore the new Rift!

Click here for more information on this new location



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