Mousehunt: Birthday Dance Party 2014

Mousehunt 6th Birthday Celebration

Mousehunt 6th birthday is finally here and this year birthday theme is dancing. All the mice are donning their dancing and party suits. This year there is a new forgotten trap, the Forgotten Art of Dance. This trap(5000 Forgotten power is stronger than the Ancient Box Trap. The trap is currently selling at a price of 178,000 gold and requires the Disco ball. There is also a new base- Birthday Dragee Cake Base selling at 96,600 gold.

This year’s party objective requires hunters to rebuild the dance hall which has been ravage by mice as usual. Cupcake Colby Potions has to be collected as loot from mice which is then converted to Cupcake Colby bait to attract mice that drop Party Supplies.The store also houses four new trap skins that can be purchase after obtaining the Disco Ball.

The boss mice this year is the El Flamenco which most likely will be the mouse that will drop the Disco Ball. After completing rebuilding the Dance Hall, hunters can continue to hunt there to obtain more supplies such as the Chaperone Table, Dance Leaderboard, Buffet Table, Donkey Tail Pin-Board, and a rockin’ Sound System and after collecting all of these items, you can recieve a First Place Dance Hall Trophy Collectible.

So head down to the birthday party to join in the hunt!!!


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