Mousehunt: M400 Mouse and Research

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Mousehunt M400 Mouse






A Frankenstein mouse that the Digby scientists created to spy on other mice… What can possibly go wrong? Of course, the scientists balls up everything and the M400 mouse escaped to join his like-minded compatriots.

When I first heard of this mouse, I thought it will be a Bionic Mouse spin off but it surprised me its design. One of the coolest mouse design in the game in my opinion.




Being a cyborg mouse, it is attracted to a techy fondue cheese. Of course the crafty mouse hid the ingredients to craft the cheese all over the kingdom. In order to craft the cheese, a new library assignment has been created and has to be completed to gather the resources to craft the cheese. From the official Mousehunt page, it seems that you can only craft a small number of baits and the mouse can pillage multiple cheeses so it can be quite tough to complete this on the first try.

After crafting the cheese, another library assignment has to be completed to locate the hiding place of the mouse. The assignment is like a puzzle, one clue leads to another until the final location. The M400 mouse only weakness is physical and tactical and Mustachio recommends the use of power charms in order to increase the odds of capturing the mouse. Mousehunt News Page also highlighted this “No matter your strategy, one thing is clear: Make sure you have an ample supply of Fusion Fondue Cheese before begining to research the M400. If the M400 steals all your bait, you’ll need to start tracking it from the beginning again!”

The rewards that come with the capture of this mouse is pretty high. Not only do you receive rewards from completing those library assignments, you also get a Monstrobot skin as a loot from the mouse as well as 600,000 points from it. Also, you can also receive orbs from the mouse which are extracted by the librarians.This mouse is however only available for count and up so if you have a lower rank, wait and hear about strategies on how to catch the mouse from your higher ranking friends or if you are count and higher, check it out.

Check out Mousehunt page here for more info about this mouse


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