DungeonLand Review


When I first launched this game, the thing that strikes me the most was the graphics. Clear pictures and vivid colours, it seem like a product from Blizzard or something. Game play mainly(if not all) hack and slash, cutting and hacking down enemies and spawners. To be honest, it can get really mundane after a while. However, don’t let this distract you from the fun that you can derive from this game. Unlike other hack and slash games where waves of enemies attack you and the objective is to stay alive, in DungeonLand you follow a main path to the end of the level with hoards of enemies attacking you from nearby spawners which you have to destroy. There are also other paths that lead away from the main path to other parts of the map which you can earn extra gold or just enjoy yourself.

There are three classes to choose from- Mage, Warrior and Rogue. All with a unique skill and sets of armor which can be purchase from the in-game store. The armor has no extra defense capabilities but more of an aesthetic purpose. Ranging from straw hats for the mage and mummies for the rogue to Buzz lightyear and Fairies, the different combination of armor is endless.

There are three difficulties- easy, hard and impossible. Don’t be fool be the easy or hard difficulty. Even in easy mode, the game can be a total d!ck to you and when it comes to hard, they really meant hard. Seems like the developers have a sadistic sense of humour. Normally I would team up with another friend and play easy first and after we get comfortable, we move on to normal. One game consist of 3 stages- stage 1, stage 2 and a bossfight. If we completed a game in hard mode, we would feel like we are on top of the world because we normally succeed after 5-6 tries which can take up to 5 hours of play(maybe because we suck at playing).


Did I mention that you can also play as the Dungeon Maestro? In this play mode, you play as the ruler of DungeonLand where you spawn monster and set traps for players who join your map. Basically you control the entire map and the objective is to kill all the players until they lose all their lives before they reach the check point. You can even control the amount of damage the players take so if you are trying to be the ultimate cock, you can set it really high but I doubt anyone will ever want to re-join your game. So if you own this game, give this game mode a try.

No game is flawless and DungeonLand is no exception. Major glitches such as hero suddenly disappear into the ground or minions not appearing can be very annoying especially if you spent so long playing to reach the end and you find yourself victim of this glitch(and playing on hard mode). Updates for the in game store is very slow(or not at all) so all the stuff sold in the store has been there since the dinosaurs and there has not been any new additions.

Overall, this game is plenty of fun but this game can be repetitive after a while so it is recommended to play with friends or when you are bored with other games. This game is currently free to play on steam so download it. However, you only get to play one map and the other maps can be unlocked by buying the keys which cost $4.99. Personally feel that it is worth it as it provides unlimited fun(if you don’t get bored) and it is a game where you play when you are just bored, something like a leisure game. Definitely a game worth buying.

Credits: google and mmo-play.com for the dungeon maestro pic


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