Team Fortress 2- Pyro Guide




One of the easiest class to play with especially when you are new to TF2. This fire loving maniac is a great starter class and requires nearly no skill to play with, you really just have to hold left mouse and run towards the enemy and trust me, no one will want to f@ck with you when you run towards them with flame ablaze. Getting kills with Pyro is relatively easy compared to other classes so this can be a morale booster when you play with this class.

However that being said, holding left mouse is not the best way to play Pyro as lets not forget that you only have 300 ammo so you only have 300 seconds of flame throwing so stretch your ammo as much as you can if you are those conservative players and mindful of your death count. I personally would normally find a group of enemies and screw with them. Most of the time if you do that, you take out 2-3 of them before dying(if you are lucky). Not the best method but at least it stalls the other team which can be useful in payload maps where it can provide your team with precious time to push the cart.

Here are some of the weapons and how to use them effectively(my opinions)




My favorite weapons for the Pyro as it is really one big anal weapon to troll other players. One of the attributes of this weapon is the 100% critical damage you do when you burn your enemies from behind, as suggested by the name. This basically ensures you get a kill if you manage to get behind enemies.

One way of playing with this weapon is to run up stairs or ledges of buildings or rocks and once you see an enemy run past below you, jump down and start screwing them. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed the first try, eventually you will get the hang of it and your enemy will feel the burn. This method mostly works as players normally when they run or move about, they don’t really pay much attention to the surroundings above them so if you jump off from a level above them, they probably will not notice you. However, please don’t camp on high grounds and return back to the same spot to repeat the same actions as firstly, it is really gay to do so and secondly, the people you kill will know of your plans after they die and the will pay more attention to the place where they died. One suggestion is that after you kill with this method, run and find another place and try the same thing there. This ensures the randomness of the attacks and lower the chance of you getting chased by the people you “piss off”.


Extremely expensive air blast cost- 50 ammo per air blast so if you are those air blasting soldier trolling peeps,this weapon is certainly not suitable for you.



Another anal weapon because of the fast weapon switch perk and this weapon goes well with the axethinguisher which does 100% crit damage to players on fire(instant kill). Most player armed with this weapon will normally set you on fire with a short burst of flame then quickly switch to the Axethinguisher(press Q to switch weapon) to finish you off. So I would suggest that before going out to fight, scroll and to arm your Degreaser and the Axethinguisher and go to Advance options and check the ” Remember previous weapon switches” option so pressing Q will immediately switch out to the Axethinguisher to annihilate your enemy.



Damage done by this weapon is reduced by 10% and the after burn damage is further reduced by 25% therefore it is best suited with the Axethinguisher instead of chasing people with this weapon due to the lower damage it does as people may kill you before you finish them.



Super cool weapon that brings you to Pyroland. Fight your enemies with rainbow and joy! Does the same damage and as the default weapon but with the addition perk of going to Pyroland. Another Pyro melee weapon is the Lolichop which also brings you to Pyroland and does the same damage as the default axe.





Who knew a life saving equipment can be turn into a deadly weapon? Only in TF2. Most people normally resort to using this weapon when they run out of their primary ammo but this weapon can be useful as they can set enemies afar on fire which is a great thing for a Pyro due to the short range of the flame thrower. One of the many ways to utilize the Flare gun is to shoot your target from far and try to aim for him again as the flare gun does crit damage to players on fire. Alternatively, you can set your enemy on fire and finishing off with the Axethinguisher but this is normally more difficult to pull off.


Pretty decent weapon as it does knock backs on hit and the distance traveled on the knock back depends on the distance the flare was fired from. What is more amazing is that this flare gun can even be used to “flare jump”, similar to the soldier rocket jump. Aiming with this weapon should not be an issue as there is an explosive radius which can set your enemy on fire without a direct hit however knock back will not occur. You can also remove Demoman stickies with this weapon

More content is coming up. To be updated soon with more content.


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