Team Fortress 2: February Updates

All TF2 updates on February:


Added the Strongbox Key to the Mann Co. Store
Added 43 community-contributed items to the Strongbox Crate


The Shortstop 
Reduced extra knockback penalty from 80% to 40%
The Short Circuit 
Added Penalty – No longer gain metal from dispensers when active
The Cleaner’s Carbine
Changed OnKill effect from gain crits for 3 seconds to gain mini-crits for 8 seconds
Added Positive Attribute +50% extra ammo
The Reserve Shooter
Increased clip size from 3 to 4
Time to mini-crit airborne targets changed from 3 to 5
The Beggar’s Bazooka 
Changed penalty No primary ammo from dispensers to no primary ammo from dispensers when active
The Quick Fix
Fixed the Medic not gaining the proper speed boost when a Demoman uses the Chargin’ Targe or Splendid Screen


Fixed deflected projectiles not affecting Strange and Killstreak counts
Fixed the Mini-Sentry range-sphere not accurately displaying the range for the sentry when it is being placed
Fixed the Spy’s revolver using the incorrect reload sound
Fixed third-person Medi Gun beams appearing jittery
Fixed the Heavy not playing his response rules lines after eating a Sandvich, Buffalo Steak Sandvich, etc.
Fixed The Half-Zatoichi using the wrong animations for the Loadout screen and the HUD 3D Character                                                             Fixed an infinite ÜberCharge exploit related to loadout presets
Fixed a case where players that are the target of a vote kick would not be banned from the server
Fixed a Quickplay crash for Linux clients
Fixed Linux servers getting disconnected from Steam when multiple servers are run from the same IP
Fixed taunts not previewing in the character loadout screen after being equipped
Fixed the High-Five! taunt not hiding the Engineer’s weapon
Fixed some missing knobs on the level 2 dispenser
Fixed being able to jarate invulnerable targets with the Sydney Sleeper
Lugermorph Killstreakifier can now be applied to all Lugermorph guns
Updated several cosmetic items that were missing an item_type description
Updated several cosmetic items to count as assisters in Pyrovision
Updated the Medi-Mask to use equip_region beard instead of face
Quickplay: Added option to search for “nodmgspread” servers
Quickplay: Removed disabling of non-vanilla option radio buttons when official servers are selected


Added Killstreak Fabricators for the following weapons to the Two Cities Tour reward list:
The Lugermorph, The Big Kill, The Iron Curtain, The Frying Pan, The Black Rose, The AWPer Hand, Chargin’ Targe, Splendid Screen, and The Mantreads
Fixed an exploit that allowed players to purchase/sell the Canteen Specialist upgrade to get more money than they originally spent
Fixed an exploit where players could stand on a robot’s head to block their movement for an easy kill
Fixed players not being able to earn the Frags to Riches achievement if there is money in the world when the mission is completed
Fixed a bug that caused players to not receive an Upgrade Refund Credit when they should have
Fixed the UI not updating properly if an Upgrade Refund Credit is earned after the wave has ended


Added advanced options page, which allows you to search for a few commonly-requested non-vanilla options: 32-player servers, nocrits, and instant/modified respawn times
Added “Show Servers” button to quickplay. This will run the normal quickplay search, but instead of joining the “best” server, it will present a list of about 20 servers and let you pick.                                                                                                                                                                           Improved loading of item information panels to prevent hitches when cycling through backpack pages.
Use the convar tf_time_loading_item_panels to control how much time is spent per frame loading item panel data.
Fixed Australium items not using the correct images in the Steam Community Market
Added missing payload audio for the Medic, Soldier, Demoman, and Spy
Added the server command “sv_setsteamaccount” for logging in with a persistent game server account using a login token. Login tokens may be acquired via the IGameServersService/CreateAccount web API. Using a login token is not required to run a game server, but allows Steam users to continue to access your game server from their favorites list if your game server changes IP in the future.
Added the game server’s SteamID to the output of the status command
Fixed the Killstreak counts not being accurately portrayed in the scoreboard
Fixed seeing the incorrect LOD settings for models when they are being previewed during submission to the Steam Workshop
Fixed a UV/skinning problem on the level 1 sentry
Fixed a problem where “activate virtual reality” doesn’t work if you have 2 monitors + headset
Fixed a client crash caused by trying to load an invalid URL
Fixed achievements getting stuck in a completed state and not being awarded to the player
Fixed not hearing hit sounds after a level change when using tf_dingalingaling_repeat_delay
Fixed the “equipped” label being displayed on incorrect backpack panels when equipping items
Fixed the upper-left backpack panel always being highlighted when equipping items
Fixed player names being clipped by item images in the Freeze Cam and Inspect panels
Updated the equip_region for The Extra Layer
Updated the Blue team material for the Ambassador to be less red
Updated ctf_2fort
Fixed a rendering bug on a silo prop in the skybox area for the Blue base                                                                                                                     Added the Tumblr Vs Reddit Participation Medal

CREDITS: Railbait(Steam Group) link here


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