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Gold… Arguably one of the most important thing on a Mousehunter’s mind. With Ronza’s yearly visit to the vermin infested Rodentia, it is a race against the clock to farm as much gold as possible to purchase her insanely expensive goodies. So here are some tips to earn some extra gold to fill your bag.(my experience in mousehunt, some of you may disagree with me so don’t take it to harshly)


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Furoma is an extremely great place to farm gold as the top mice here are worth a lot of gold however mice here can be a pain in the f@#king ass to catch especially in the Pinnacle Chamber where the Master of the Dojo(mojo) and Dojo sensei reside. These two mice are your primary target as they are worth a sh!t tons of gold. (27,300 gold for MOJO and 34,500 gold for the Dojo Sensei)

A word of caution though, their immense gold worth however is balance by the catch rate. Before heading out to the Furoma, prepare your heart and soul as the catch rate can be heartbreaking. However, don’t let this put you off from this lucrative place. Perseverance is key here and at the end of the your Furoma run, you will definitely make a huge profit and leaving with a smile(trust me).


During the preparation of the run, you will probably need a lot of tokens from the students which can be pretty time consuming so i suggest that during mousehunt events( birthday, Halloween, Christmas), stock up and collect as much of those event currencies to buy these crates of tokens.

Each crate contains 6 tokens so get as much of these crates to cut down on the time you spend in Furoma. I highly suggest you go on a Furoma run after Mousehunt events as you can obtain these crates during these events


One typical Furoma run includes a Students(optional) and a Master run as well as the MOJO and sensei run(most lucrative of all). The run mostly requires you to catch enough students and masters to craft around 200 Rumble cheese(you can craft more if you can). As the catch rate of the Master of the Dojo is roughly around 1 catch to 3 misses, you should be able to average around 50-60 catches(worth 2 million gold) and obtain the all important loot- Onyx stone(nearly/always 100% drop rate). Craft the Unstable Curd and I highly recommend it as the unstable curd has a good chance for you to get more onyx gorgonzola than the standard recipe and also it gives you other cheeses at the same time such as Rumble and the Master cheeses, giving you a boost for your next run. One example is the standard onyx gorgonzola is a 1:3 ratio result but the unstable curd can yield a 1:5/1:6 results depending on luck as well as other cheeses(Rumble, suscheese, combat cheese, even radioactive blue cheese). The catch rate for the Dojo Sensei is around 1:4 so this part of the run should yield another 3 million gold . In total, a single 200 Rumble run should get you in the 5 million gold neighborhood


Rumble cheese: + + =

Unstable Curd: + =  

Side note: unstable curd can be found in the special section in your inventory


Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 9.13.32 PM

Trap: Sphinx Wrath

Base: Your strongest

Charm: not needed

I highly suggest that you get the Sphinx Wrath trap before embarking on this run as the MOJO and Dojo Sensei are difficult to catch and a strong tactical trap is necessary. As for the base, I recommend your strongest one due to the difficulty of the mice. If you are worried about attraction, fret not as in the Pinnacle Chamber there are only 3 mice- Hapless, MOJO and Dojo Sensei and of which the mice are attracted to only their cheese so each time you sound your horn, there will only be three scenarios- miss, catch or stale


Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 9.16.30 PM

One of the most popular location in Mousehunt to farm gold due to the relative easiness to catch the mice and obtain radioactive potion. Mice here provide reasonably amount of gold and points and so if you are legendary or below and looking to earn points and gold, you can consider this place. Before heading out to catacombs or Mousoleum you should stock up on radioactive blue cheese potion and brie cheese(100-200 potion, depending on your patience) and depending on your rank(different rank has a different potion to cheese conversion, higher the rank the more cheese you get per potion)


Mice here are quite easy to attract and catch and some of the more lucrative mice are Spider mice, Scavenger, Golem, Lycan, Monster, Keeper and many more. List of the mice can be found here.


Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 9.18.45 PM


Base: High attraction and low stale effect

Charm: not needed

Mice here are generally easy to catch and a base with a low stale effect is preferable as ACRONYM has a very stale effect so unless you are aiming for radioactive curd, a base with a fresh rating is recommended.


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