Mousehunt: Calamity Carl’s Cozy Cruise 2014 Review

Calamity Carl’s Cozy Cruise 2014 Review

Rodentia’s cuckoo captain is back again for his annual end of the year cruise. However, it seems that this cruise thing has been around for quite some time already and frankly speaking, I was not particularly excited about this event when I saw the news for it. Seems like Mousehunt ran out of ideas for Winter events. Furthermore, this cruise/event encompasses 3 celebrations- Lunar New Year, Winter Games and Valentine. Kind of like Mousehunt haven’t put in a lot of effort and attention into this. This being said however, probably because most of the creative people are pooled into the newer update projects for this year(exciting stuff coming up this year!).

The currency for this year’s cruise is the same as the previous year(Cruise Bux) so leftover from last year cruise was useful. Charms were basically the same except for the new Horse Power Charm and this added to the dullness of the event. However, the addition of miniatures to collect along the cruise honestly was abit fun although they weren’t limited edition(because you can buy them). I quite like the designs of the miniatures and they also captured the essence of the place they represent. The store also boasted some new additions such as the Horse Jade Base which is better than the Snake Jade base( in terms of power) as well as new skins which look amazing but for those of you hoping to earn gold off these skins, don’t get your hopes too high as they don’t fetch too high in the Marketplace(Chocolate Covered Reaper’s Perch Skin 81,000, Entranced Lovebot Skin 88,000) so I still recommend that you spend your Cruise Buxs on token crates for your Furoma run which earns you more gold. Despite the new base, there was not any new trap which was abit of a bummer.

Overall, this event was a little disappointing personally as I was hoping that this year event would be a different theme but not so much to be put off from this place as there were still perks to hunt here. Hope that next year’s event will be a little different and more items will be on sale in the store.

Happy hunting!


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